Affordable Christmas Dates

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Affordable Christmas Dates

The holidays can be very expensive especially as the prices on everything continue to climb ever skyward. However, just because you may not be a member of the Royal Family doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate Christmas with the love of your life or even just with someone you’re starting to get acquainted with in a romantic and festive fashion. There are many ways to celebrate when you really get your creative juices flowing that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

There are few things more romantic than simply cuddling in front of a cheerfully blazing fire. You and your partner can curl up together with a simple meal of takeout and some ale while enjoying the coziness and romance of the fire. It only costs the price of the food so you can keep it simple. Who knows? You may even end up roasting some chestnuts over that open fire.

For those couples that have been dating for a while or have at least taken their relationship to a more intimate level, have a private nude tree trimming party for just the two of you. Start by either undressing each other or performing a little strip tease. However you do it, just make sure that by the time you’re hanging decorations on the Christmas tree, you are both completely nude. It’s really a lot of fun and can easily lead to even more exciting forms of entertainment. Just be careful that you don’t try to hang the wrong balls on the tree!

Something else that is really sexy and romantic for those couples that already know each other a bit or are interested in taking things to the next level is to read erotica aloud to each other. Whoever is doing the reading gets to choose the story. Some of those erotic tales can really cause the heat to ignite and build. You might think of it as verbal foreplay. If either of you have even the slightest writing ability, consider writing your own erotic story staring the two of you. This can be one of the most intimate and seductive dates of all!

Of course, if you want to put back a little money here and there, you can always take advantage of the holiday getaway specials that are offered this time of the year.  These getaway packages won’t be quite as inexpensive as the ideas mentioned above, but if you prepare for them ahead of time, you should be able to get at least a two day one night deal that will be something very memorable for the two of you.

Don’t forget that there’s really nothing that beats just being together at this special time of the year. Even if you do nothing except pop around to your favorite neighborhood pub for a pint or two; that can still be quite special when you’re with the one you care about most in the world. Don’t let a little thing like lack of money ruin your holidays. Quality time spent together is free as well as being the most meaningful gift of all.