Erotic Sex Games To Spice Up Sex Life With Your Partner

Donna & Benessere 317

Are you in a relationship and just tired of the everyday sex and nothing to spice up your night. Are you tired or the regular play fight under the cover of your sheets? Or maybe you are just too tired to figure something out due to your everyday work that has made you mentally fatigued. It’s time to try totally new ways to spice your sex life up, or you risk a lot of imminent relationship problems. There are some interesting sex games which could boost up the mood between couples;

The Game Of Sexy Cards

Why not get a deck of cards and assign each one of them different meaning: clubs for a massage, hearts for kissing, spades for oral and whatever you just might deem fanciful at that moment. Shuffle them around and make your partner choose. If he or she chooses the spade, you definitely know what that means. You should take turns to make much more exciting.

How Well Do You Know Me?

This is a very interesting sex game to test how much you know one another in a relationship .Lay naked in bed and ask your partner a question about yourself, if he or she gets it right, they take a step forward towards them, if wrong, its a disappointing 2 steps back away from them. Tease yourselves, flirt with yourselves as you discover new things about one another. This increases lust, and drives your partner crazily craving your more.

Seductive Hide And Seek

This is very interesting. Dress as sexy as possible then plant a bunch of sex toys all over the house like the vibrator, handcuffs, flavored lube and so on, you both should do the searching. When you find a sex toy, use it on yourselves and move on to the next sexual adventure.

Follow My Voice

Blind fold your partner and make him or her follow your voice to wherever you want to make love to them. Either on the bed or in the bath tub. Once they catch you , give your partner a dip kiss and have a quickie.

Lets Get Naked

Create new means of getting naked without using the hands. Try taking off each others under wear using your teeth, create other exciting new things like;

Feeding your partner some chocolate using your mouth, turn your partner on by running some ice cubes over their naked bodies.

Guess The Toy

Blind fold your partner, flirt and tease them using objects and make them guess what sex object it is, caress them, pour some sauce, milk or chocolate over them using your tongue as a wipe. Don’t change the sex toy until your partner guess what it is.

The Spanking!

Spanking actually feels good especially when the smacking is done between partners. Confess to your partner something you think you did wrong today and ask to get spanked for it. The spanking is even more interesting when your partners get spanked in the right areas of their choice such as the buttocks spank!

Cross dress each others clothes for the night and make a real big joke out of yourselves. Wear each others clothes for the night and cuddle. You would be surprised the marvelous sex you can have by discovering something different about one another.

Learn you use every inch of your home to spice your sex life with various games. If there is something new you can create to get the sex spicy and adventurous, then you try it.